VH-RSY (3)   Ryan STM                                (c/n  474)


                                          This was the former Netherlands East Indies' Navy S-38.    Upon arrival in Australia in 1942, having
                                          escaped the Japanese advance into what is now Indonesia, it was not given a RAAF A50- serial (like
                                          most of the other Ryans were) but was held as a reserve unit.   In April 1947 it was civilianized as
                                          VH-AHE for Brown & Dureau of Melbourne.  By 1952 it was owned by T.A. Tulloh of 'Boulkra'
                                          Station, Cobar NSW, and on 15 November of that year crashed whilst landing at that property.  It
                                          then languished until 1999 when it was acquired by Richard J. Simms of Sydney.  A two year rebuild
                                          followed and it is now part of the Temora Aviation Museum, which is where Phil Vabre shot the above
                                          photo in April 2011.  The rego is under the tailplane in minuscule font (see below).