VH-RSX  (1)   Percival P.50 Prince                              (c/n  P50-38)

                                  Here's a rare shot from the Geoff Goodall collection of the Royal Aero Club of NSW's Prince.
                                  This was formerly the RAAF's A90-1, delivered in February 1952.  Declared surplus in 1955,
                                  it was placed in storage until acquired by the RACNSW in January 1958.   It seemed to spend
                                  most of its time in the back of the Royal Aero Club of NSW hangar as seen in the shot below
                                  from the Jeff Atkinsion collection (via Nigel Daw).  In June 1959 it was acquired by Sir Reginald
                                  Barnewall (ex Southern Airlines, Essendon) as the first aircraft for his newly formed Polynesian
                                  Airlines in Samoa, and was registered in New Zealand ZK-BMQ.   As such it was written off in
                                  a crash at Faleolo, Samoa on 4 December 1960.