VH-RSQ  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                (c/n C1-0075)


                                     The color shots of  this Royal Aero Club of NSW Chippie are from the Greg Banfield collection.
                                     Above it is seen at Bankstown in August 1966.   In 1969 it was sold to Hockey Treloar, who plan-
                                     ned to use it for skywriting work.   He fitted it with a Lycoming O-470 engine from VH-BVP, which
                                     he also owned, and the converted aircraft was given the designation DHC-1C.
    The B&W shot
                                     (immediately below) is via Geoff Goodall and shows the aircraft at Bankstown in August 1974. 
                                     This shot is augmented by Greg's at the foot of the page (Camden, NSW May 1976) showing the
                                     color scheme.   -RSQ was re-purchased by the RACNSW in September 1973 and operated by
                                     them until September1977, when they sold it once again.  VH-RSQ was the the former WB640.
                                     In 2005 it was sold in Texas as N640WB where it currently flies in the Houston area.