VH-RSJ (1)  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                          (c/n C1-0117)


                                       This RACNSW Chippie has Illawara Flying Club stripes on the rudder.. Ex WB669, it was orig-
                                       inally civlianized for Gertrude McKenzie's Flying School as VH-GMD.      In November 1958 it
                                       was re-registered VH-BAX for the South Coast Aero Club at Albion Park, Wollongong, NSW
                                       and then in 1961 went to the Royal Aero Club of NSW as VH-RSJ.  The Rodney Brown collection
                                       photo above shows it at Bankstown with the rally number '26'.   On 17 June 1963 a student pilot
                                       was practicing solo spins in -RSJ when it and crashed near Derwent and Great Northern Roads
                                       in Bringelly, NSW.   It appeared to go into a flat spin and sadly, the young pilot, Michael Nordsvan,
                                       was killed.    The photo below was taken by Terry Martin (seen here via the CAHS collection) was
                                       taken at Bringelly just after the unfortunate prang.