VH-RPC  Beech S35 Bonanza                             (c/n  D-7494)


                                           The S35 was basically a P35 with a 285 hp Continental IO-520-B engine.  It also had a more
                                           pointy tail cone as evidenced in this shot by Greg Banfield taken at Schofields, NSW in March           
                                           1983.       This Bonanza, which was first registered on 18 September 1964 is still current and is
                                           now registered to Kevin Liddell who provides the contemporary shot of it (below) taken at its
                                           now home base of Coffs Harbour in May 2013.    Kevin advises that  the aircraft was originally
                                           registered to the Russell Pastoral Company in Queensland, hence the rego.   It now has a three
                                           bladed prop instead of the original two blade, a one piece speedslope windscreen together with
                                           thicker, tinted side perspex.  The interior instrument panel has also been upgraded.   Finally the
                                           machine has been finished in Beechcraft anniversary colors.