VH-ROV  Britten Norman BN-2A-26 Islander                    (c/n  81)


                                       Originally to have been N870JA, this Islander participated in the 1969 London - Sydney Air Race
                                       as G-AXSN.  Greg Banfield shows it above at Bankstown in August 1973 and below at the same
                                       venue wearing its UK rego and race number 68 after completing the race (it came in 33rd in a field
                                       of some 61 aircraft) on 5 January 1970.  It was re-registered VH-ROV on 30 January of that year.
                                       Incidentally, the race was won by another the BN Islander, G-AXUD (race number 72).  VH-ROV
                                       went to PNG as P2-ROV.  As is the wont in New Guinea it was since re-registered umpteen times
                                       being P2-PAA, PS-ISM (then an aborted attempt to become H4-AAI in the Solomons - ntu) then
                                       P2-ISS before going to Vanuatu as YJ-RV6 (where DO these TPC's get these combos?).  The 30
                                       year old mini-commuter then gravitated back to Australia in the new millennium as VH-CSU for Air
                                       Tropics of Cairns, Queensland but is no longer on the register.   David Carter saw it (bottom of page)
                                       at Port Moresby in 1983 as P2-ISS.