VH-ROG  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.21                (c/n  C1/0435)


                               Originally assigned the registration VH-BVH, this marking was not taken up and the aircraft
                               became VH-ROG.   The above image was shot at Moorabbin, circa 1956, whilst the nice air
                               to air below came from Richard Maclean.  This aircraft had been delivered to the Royal Aero
                               Club of Western Australia in 1952 and bears the initial of R.O. Giles a long time secretary of
                               the Club, both pre and post-war.  It was a very early Chipmunk import and was diverted from
                               the RAF production line at Hawarden, Chester for civil use.    It was later repainted into the
                               traditional red and white livery of the RAeCWA as seen in the air-to-air shot from the Geoff
                               Goodall collection (picture # 3) taken over the Swan River at Perth in October 1957.  This
                               was before the building of the Narrows Bridge.   The aircraft was the club flagship at the time
                               and carried the identity 'Chipmunk 1'.  VH-ROG crashed at Baker's Hill, W.A. in 1959.
                               Geoff Goodall saw it at Jandakot as late as August of 1968, (bottom of the page) although it
                               does not appear to have re-emerged.