VH-RNV  Victa Airtourer 115                                           (c/n  129)


                                   Lovely shot of an Airtourer by Greg Banfield which exemplifies the features of this neat little trainer.
                                   The above photograph was taken at Bankstown in November 1978 by which time the aircraft was
                                   thirteen years old, although still looking pristine.  By the time Greg saw it again (below, Bankstown
                                   February 1985) it had sprouted spats on the mainwheels and had an Australian flag occupying the
                                   entire starboard wing.   Originally to have been VH-MTG, this marking was not taken up when the
                                   aircraft was sold to the Royal Newcastle Aero Club.    It is still currently registered as -RNV and is
                                   still at Bankstown..