VH-RNI (1)  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                         (c/n  C1-0123)


                                When Darryl Connor took the above shot in August 1961 at Broadmeadow aerodrome, his intent
                                was to obtain a close up of the Newcastle Aero Club's insignia.  Whether he ever took a full shot of
                                it is not known, but the above is the only one Geoff Goodall has acquired in his collection.  In comp-
                                aring this badge to the current one, it is evident that the scroll under the 'wings' was somewhat shorter
                                in those days, and was lengthened when the club received 'Royal' charter.   -RNI joined the club in
                                September 1956 as ex WB675.  It was sold to the Royal Victorian Aero Club in 1961 as VH-RVH
                                In fact, in my entry of it as such, it is still wearing the Newcastle Aero Club's livery.