VH-RMR  Boeing 727-177                                       (c/n  19253)

                                        This 727 went to Ansett, new, in August 1966.  The CAHS archives photo above was taken as
                                        the aircraft was arriving at Tullarine in 1975.  Greg Banfield caught it departing Sydney, Mascot
                                        on one of its very first revenue flights (below) in 1966.   Like the majority of the fleet it wound up
                                        with aircraft lessor International Air Leases after some ten years of service with Ansett and was
                                        registered in the US as N111EK  . In March 1984 it was leased by Saudi Arabian arms-dealing
                                        multi-millionaire Adnan Khashoggi and registered (conveniently) in the Cayman Islands as in as
                                        VR-CKL.  It returned to the US registry and was finally withdrawn from service in 2002 whilst
                                        registered to Americana Aviation as N720DC