VH-RMK  Vickers 812 Viscount II                                    (c/n   355)


                                        This 800 series Viscount was not acquired by Ansett-ANA until September of 1960.  It
                                        had been built for Continental Airlines as N241V.  Greg Banfield's photo (above) shows it
                                        in latter day Ansett markings at Mascot in February 1966 whilst the shot immediately below,
                                        from the Peter Gates collection (taken at Essendon) illustrates the aircraft in the second of
                                        the tail livery schemes.    Finally, at the foot of the page is a shot by Ken Watson at Essendon
                                        in December 1969 after it had been put out to pasture by the airline.  It was sold Far East Air
                                        Transport (FAT) in Taiwan as B-2021.       Leased to Mandala Airlines as PK-MVO in the
                                        1970s, it returned to FAT in 1983 whence it was later scrapped at Chung Shan Airport, Taipei.