VH-RMH  Vickers 832 Viscount                          (c/n  415)


                                  Above is a shot from the Peter Gates collection of VH-RMH being serviced for departure, while
                                  the photo immediately below, from Greg Banfield, illustrates the Viscount at Mascot in April 1965
                                  in a slightly revised livery.      This V.832 was delivered in 1959, and served the airline until 1970
                                  when it was sold to Far East Air Transport (FAT) of Taiwan as B-2023.  After a couple of leases
                                  in the early 1970s to Malaysia and Vietnam, it was leased in 1976 to Indonesian carrier Mandala
                                  Airlines as PK-RVN.  It is seen in this livery in Peter's exotic shot at the foot of the page.  The air-
                                  craft was written off whilst still on lease to Mandala following a crash at Semarang in 1981.