VH-RMF  Boeing 727-177                            (c/n  18744)


                                            VH-RMF followed a career path almost identical to that of its sister VH-RME.  Delivered to Ansett
                                            in November 1964,, it went to International Air Leases in September 1979 and thence to Transbrasil
                                            as PT-TCD.  The Brazilian carrier eventually purchased it.    After a couple more leases and owners
                                            it wound up in Lima, Peru with Avgenair, registered N134CA.  It was scrapped in Lima in 1995.
                                            Both these Greg Banfield shots were taken at Mascot.  Above, in April 1966, and below, in Ansett
                                            Airlines of Australia livery in February 1977. .