VH-RLY   Cessna 310I                                                (c/n   310I-0033)

                                            The photos above and immediately below are both by Greg Banfield and show -RLY before
                                            and after its re-registration from N8033M.      The upper shot was at Bankstown in August
                                            1964 while in the lower one it is seen at Mascot just after arriving in May of that same year.
                                            After a year or so as a demonstrator for Rex Aviation it was sold to Masling Aviation at
                                            Cootamundra who used it on charter work.  Sadly it was destroyed in a disastrous fire in
                                            Masling Aviation's hangar at Cootamundra on 8 December 1970.   Also destroyed at that
                                            time were C172K VH-DZW, FR172E VH-REJ and an A188 Agwago   At the foot of the
                                            page is a shot by Roger McDonald taken at Cootamundra in March 1970 with the aircraft
                                            still in original livery.