VH-RLX  Cessna 320D Executive Skynight               (c/n  320D-0097)


                                        The Cessna 320 Skynight which was basically a 310F with enlarged rear cabin windows and six
                                        seats, was not built in anything like the numbers that the 310 was.  In fact, the model D sub-series
                                        was the most numerous of all, and only 130 of those were built.     It differed from earlier 320s in
                                        having 285 hp TSIO-520-B engines and reshaped rear side windows. Both images displayed here
                                        were taken by Greg Banfield.  Above (and rego enlargement below, to prove it is what we say it
                                        is!) at Bankstown in December 1967 and the B&W at the foot of the page at Albion Park, NSW
                                        on 26 October 1980, with a much more presentable identification.  Formerly N4197T, it was owned
                                        by Southbank Aviation (Pty) Ltd of Wollongong.   It is no longer current.