VH-RJL   Auster J/1N Alpha                  (c/n  3351)


                                   The Alpha was usually referred to as the Aiglet II in Australia as seen in the titling on the fin
                                   of this example, seen at Bankstown in November 1964 by Greg Banfield.   Imported in 1956
                                   VH-RQK, it became VH-ACE (2) in January 1958.  It remained under that identity until
                                   early 1959 when it was re-registered VH-CSF.   Two years after that it assumed the identity
                                   seen above.  It was then seriously damaged in a fire at Toowoomba, Qld in September 1971.
                                   When finally rebuilt in 1982 it became VH-JIN, a marking under which it is still current today.