VH-RIZ  Cessna 402                                    (c/n 402-72)


                                         Registered to Rex Aviation at Bankstown in September 1968, VH-RIZ had been ferried to
                                         Australia as N4072Q.   It was used as a demonstrator initially before being delivered to an
                                         unknown customer  .  By January 1970 it was owned by Hawker de Havilland, probably as
                                         the result of a trade-in    .  That month David Carter photographed it at Bankstown undergoing
                                         some minor maintenance ahead of its planned delivery flight to Cairns.    Alas, it was never to
                                         make it, since shortly after the above photo was taken, it crashed flying into North Bell Peak
                                         during a night descent into its destination airport.   The pilot and his passenger were killed instantly.