VH-RIX  (1)    Cessna 205                                       (c/n  205-0062)

                                      VH-RIX was the very first Cessna 205 registered in Australia, in October 1962 to Rex Aviation
                                      Ltd of Bankstown.  Earlier that year Rex had used a 205, N1806Z, for an Australian sales tour.<>
                                      -RIX was sold by Rex to Western Air Navigation Ltd at Charleville Qld in June 1964, who re-
                                      registered it as VH-WAC in September 1965.    It was written off in a crash at Thylungra Station
                                      NSW on 11 July 1968.    Above photo from the Daryl Mackenzie collection., while below is a
                                      shot by Bob Neate when the aircraft was at Parafield in January 1964.