VH-RIL  Cessna 182E Skylane                           (c/n  53045)


                                       The 182E model was the first Skylane with the cut-down rear fuselage and omni-vision rear
                                       windows.  It also has a wider cockpit and electric flaps.     This one was a participant in the
                                       Ansett Air Race and Greg Banfield took the above shot at the night stopover at Bankstown
                                       on 29 March 1964.  John Bland saw it the following day on the grass at Moorabbin among
                                       many other participants (Photo below).  It was flown in the race by D.J. Poole of Maitland,
                                       NSW.   Bob Neate saw it some time previous to this (foot of page) at Mildura in September
                                       1962 when it was the Rex Aviation dealer's demonstration aircraft, flown down from Banks-