VH-RHS (1)  Cessna 150A                           (c/n 15059158)


                                    Officially, with the 'A' model onwards, Cessna c/ns were prefixed with the '150'.  CASA seems to
                                    have retroactively fitted this prefix to 'straight' 150s although strictly this should not be.    This early
                                    'A' model was photographed at Albany, WA in 1961, and this image comes from the vast collection
                                    of Geoff Goodall.   This, the first -RHS, was registered in March 1961 to Schutt Aviation of Moorabbin
                                    who sold it to Cheynes Beach Whaling Company of Albany, WA to be used on whale spotting duties.  .
                                    It was quickly replaced by a more suitable Cessna 172 floatplane and the little 150A was sold off to
                                    the Royal Aero Club of WA where it became VH-RWN.