VH-RHE  Cessna 182D Skylane               (c/n  53045)

                                           Liquid Cartage Co was a Melbourne outfit which based this new Skylane at Moorabbin in the
                                           early 1960s, where this Bob Neate hangar photo was taken in early 1962.   Some years later
                                           it moved to Derby, WA.       Wayne Campbell of Margaret River, WA advises (2010) that
                                           VH-RHE was purchased by a consortium in Derby WA, loosely called the Derby Aero Club,
                                           around 1966.    As members moved on it was eventually owned by his friend Colin Wild, a
                                           pest control operator in the Kimberley.    Having a sense of humour, and as the Phantom was
                                           popular in the Kimberly Region at that time, he added the legend 'The Phantom Sprayer' on the
                                           side of the fuselage.  Geoff Goodall's shot (immediately below) shows it thusly attired at Derby,
                                          WA in January 1979.  When Colin retired he sold it to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Broome
                                           who promptly painted out the 'S' and it became 'The Phantom Prayer'.   It was cancelled from
                                           the register in February 1995 while still owned by the Bishop,. although somewhere around
                                           2006 the aircraft re-appeared, completely restored, as VH-BUC.  It is seen as such in the shot
                                           at the foot of the page from Wayne Campbell.