VH-RGZ (2)  Cessna 150F                     (c/n   15061851)

                                          VH-RGZ was among the first imports brought in by the new Cessna dealership set up in WA,
                                          Simpson Aviation, at the equally new airport at Jandakot.  It is seen above at that locale in this
                                          image by Merv Prime taken in December 1965.      The trainer was brand new at the time and
                                          had just been registered.     Like all new Cessna imports, it had been assembled out of its crate  
                                          by Rex Aviation in Bankstown, NSW,   Interestingly, when uncrated it was found to have been
                                          mispainted in Wichita as ZK-RGZ !    Somebody not paying attention, no doubt, although attest-
                                          ing also to the large number of machines coming in to both Australia and New Zealand at that
                                          time.    This, to the chagrin of any local manufacturer trying to break into the market.   There was
                                          also suspicion that 'dumping' was occurring by the American companies and that deliberate under-
                                          pricing tactics had been employed.     Anyway, Merv's shot is quite rare since -RGZ was quickly
                                          re-registered VH-RWI in January 1966 when sold to the Royal Aero Club of WA.