VH-RGL  Cessna 210                         (c/n  57463)


                                         Original 210s, with c/ns from 57001-57575 did not have the '210' prefix to their identity (even
                                         though Australia's CASA and many other registration boards decided to retroactively fit them).
                                         Anyway, this example was visiting Jandakot in April 1973 when this shot, from the Geoff Goodall
                                         collection was taken.     It was originally registered on 5 August 1960 to grazier B.R. Galt of Giro
                                         Station, Gloucester NSW who owned a number of new Cessna models at that time.     He sold
                                         -RGL in November 1962 to an unknown mining man in WA named Langley George 'Lang'
                                         Hancock, who had discovered the world's largest iron ore deposit and eventually became
                                         Australia’s richest man.  This 210 had a number of other owners before being wrecked in a
                                         crash at Hamilton Vic on 30 April 1978.