VH-RGB   Cessna 337E Super Skymaster                             (c/n  337-1204)


                                           VH-RGB was delivered to Cheyne Beach Whaling Co at Albany, Western Australia, in
                                           March 1970, which used the aircraft for whale spotting.      It was replaced in 1974 by
                                           337G VH-TDC which soldiered on until whaling was banned in 1978.  –RGB meanwhile
                                           had been sold to Astral Airways, of Devonport, Tasmania, and it was in its markings that
                                           David Carter photographed it at Bankstown in October 1976 at the conclusion of the
                                           Benson and Hedges trans-Australia air race. It had this rather extraordinary silver and black
                                           paint job (originally painted during its whaling spotting days?).  -RGB was still current in
                                           December 2016 and owned by the Yarra Valley Conference Centre at Yarra Glen.