VH-RFE  Cessna 180A Skywagon                       (c/n 50036)


The above color shot, by Gordon Clear, was taken at remote Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Range..
                                     NT in 1963 when the 180A was new.     When we first saw 180s in Oz in the late 1950s, Richard
                                     Maclean and I were appalled at how rough the paint jobs were.    It doesn't look like it in this photo,
                                     but the reddish pink on the fuselage would have 'leaked' considerably through the masking tape.
                                     This situation was rectified when it, along with sister ship -RFD  received a new paint job upon
                                     being acquired by Silver City Air Taxis of Broken Hill, NSW.  Geoff Goodall's image below was
                                     at Parafield in October 1966.  Formerly N9738B -RFE was re-registered VH-CGU in 1967.
                                     It is still on the active register as such, and registered to an owner in the Melbourne area.