VH-RER  Cessna 180                                     (c/n  32581)


                                    VH-RER was an early Cessna 180, seen above as an amphibious floatplane on the Swan River at
                                    Perth in November of 1958, the same month that it was registered in Australia.  The aircraft, owned
                                    by aluminum giant Reynolds Metals of Richmond, Virginia (just up the road from where I now live),
                                    had been operating in Australia for several months as N7684A.  Immediately below is a photo by
                                    Jeff Atkinson of it wearing its US registration at Bankstown in January 1958.      In 1960 Reynolds
                                    Metals completed that part of their mineral exploration work and sold the Cessna off to Jim Hazelton
                                    of  Orange, NSW who put it back on wheels.  Demonstrated at an agricultural operators symposium
                                    Wagga in November 1960 with the very latest in cropdressing gear, it was sold to Goulburn Air Ser-
                                    vices.  It was then passed around to several air ag companies and wound up with Bob Couper Co at
                                    Cunderdin, WA.   In 1968 it was restored to private use with a very nice and very original contemporary
                                    Cessna livery.  It is seen at Jandakot in August of 1968 in the photo below.    In 1969 VH-RER partici-
                                    pated in the England-Australia Air Race.  (How did it get to the U.K. - did it fly both ways?)   Anyway,
                                    by 1975, and back in Australia, it working as a glider tug with the Perth Gliding Club and is seen in the
                                    image at the foot of the page at Narrogin, WA in January 1975.   It later went to the Pilbara Soaring
                                    Club at Wickham, WA., although is now no longer on the register.  All photos from the Geoff Goodall