VH-REP  Cessna 180A                          (c/n  50039)


                                              This shot of VH-REP, by Ben Dannecker, was taken at Cootamundra in 1959.  The name on the
                                              door is that of its owner, Hazelton Air Services of Toogong via Cudal NSW.   Although brothers
                                              Max and Jim Hazelton were operating a growing fleet of agricultural aircraft at this time, -REP
                                              retained cabin seating.     It is parked in front of the one remaining former RAAF Bellman hangar
                                              from the 4 Bellman hangars built at Cootamundra during WW2.   In the image below, by Robert
                                              Zweck, it is seen at Darwin in November 1970 while based there with Transfield Corp to support
                                              construction projects in the Top End.  Transfield of Sydney was the parent company of Transavia
                                              who at that time had the PL-12 Airtruck in full production.  VH-REP was written off in a crash at
                                              Gove*, NT on 10 March 1971. 
                                              * Gove is located at the very right hand tip of Arnhem Land and produces staggering amounts of
                                                 bauxite, the raw material from which aluminum is made.