VH-REM   (1)   Cessna 180A                              (c/n  50015)


                                   One of the early Cessna 180s registered to Rex Aviation, the then Cessna importers in the late
                                   1950s.    The two shots in this entry are both by Jeff Atkinson (courtesy of Nigel Daw).    The
                                   upper one at Moorabbin and the lower at Cambridge Airport, Hobart (both circa 1958) where
                                   the aircraft was based and probably used by the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania.   It was later
                                   registered to Benalla Aerowork and was written off when it crashed and burned near Cosgrove,
                                   Victoria on 24 September 1965.   In the upper shot the gentleman third from the left (facing the
                                   camera) was pioneer aircraft dealer Arthur Schutt, who operated the Cessna agency at Moorabbin.
                                   It was entered into the 1964 Ansett Air Race as seen in the shot at the foot of this page by Greg
                                   Banfield, taken during the overnight stop at Bankstown on 29 March 1964.  Pilot was F.W.
                                   Nielsen of mt. Eliza, Victoria.  By this time it had had a rather hideous repaint job from the original
                                   Cessna livery.