VH-RDA   Cessna 172B Skyhawk                                       (c/n  48259)


                                         Here's VH-RDA at Adelaide Airport in January 1964 whilst owned by Adelaide businessman
                                         John P. Henderson.  Photo by Bob Neate.    It was a participant in the 1964 R.M. Ansett Air
                                         Race from Brisbane to Adelaide, as seen in Geoff Goodall's shot below taken at Parafield the
                                         end of the race.  Later on it was traded to Rossair Pty Ltd at Parafield (in May of 1965), and
                                         re-registered into the DCA's South Australia Region VH-U series becoming  VH-UES.     As
                                         such it is still registered today (2012 - in WA).