VH-RAW (2)  Cessna 150L                        (c/n  15072032)


                                        By the time this 150 was registered in October 1970, the VH-RA series were no longer being used
                                        exclusively by Robbys Aircraft Co.   When Tony Arbon saw it at Camden in 1984, (above) it was
                                        still in its original livery, albeit with a change of venue for the rego, as evidenced by John Wheatley's
                                        shot below, taken in the hangar at Bankstown when it was brand new in 1970.  On  3 October 1990
                                        this aircraft was being operated in an aerial spotting role during a cattle muster in scrubby terrain some
                                        15 km north of Anningie in the Northern Territory.  A stockman 3 km away noticed the aircraft flying
                                        very low and then heard an impact.     The right wing had struck the ground whilst it appeared that the
                                        pilot was attempting to herd the cattle from the air.  Unfortunately he was killed in the crash.      The
                                        ambient temperature at the time was estimated to be in excess of 40C.