VH-RAL (2)   DHC-2 Beaver 1                        (c/n  1084)


                                         This was the former VH-AAL (1).  It was re-registered VH-RAL on 24 January 1963 when
                                         sold by Aerial Agricultural Services to Robbys,.   Greg Banfield saw it at Bankstown on 18
                                         August 1963 in a plain white with red titling scheme.     In September 1965 it was withdrawn
                                         from use by the Parafield operator and sold in New Zealand as ZK-CMW.      Twenty years
                                         on it wound up in the RNZAF Museum at Wigram, Christchurch painted up as 'NZ6001'.
                                         (The real NZ6001, c/n 911, crashed and was destroyed on Beardmore Glacier, Antartica on
                                        15 January 1960.).