VH-RAH  Cessna 182                                        (c/n   33028)


                                          This early 182 was based at Parafield, Adelaide where this shot, by Geoff Goodall, was taken
                                          in May 1966.    It was registered to Robbys Aircraft Services, and had joined that company in
                                          November 1962 as cropsprayer VH-CDW after they and Super Spread Aviation were taken
                                          over by Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd of Sydney and Aerial Ag distributed some of their aircraft
                                          between the companies.    It was re-registered VH-RAH on 2 January 1963 and used mostly
                                          as a 4 seater until sold a month after this picture was taken.   It went on to various owners until
                                          cancelled from the Register on 26 November 1991.     In its latter years it was at Moorabbin
                                          where Mike Madden took the two shots below.     Upper, in September 1973 and lower, in
                                          March 1978 wearing a somewhat a horrible black and white scheme.