VH-RAF  (1)   Ryan STM                                 (c/n  464)


                                          This nicely finished all metal with green rego and tail striped Ryan was at Parafield when owned
                                          by Robby's Aircraft Sales & Service in the 1950s.  Photo by John M. Smith, via Geoff Goodall. 
                                          It had previously served with the NEI Navy as S-28.       It went to the RAF in 1942 becoming
                                          A50-4.       In 1946 it was civilianized as VH-ARR and remained that way until re-registered
                                          VH-BNG on 11 January 1949. When acquired by Robby's in Juine of 1951 it became VH-RAF. 
                                          It crashed at Broken Hill, NSW on 8 June 1952 and was written off.