VH-PZA  Champion 7GCAA Citabria                                          (c/n  160)


                                     The 7GCAA was a variant of the original Champion 7ECA Citabria with a 150 hp Lycoming.  The
                                     Champion Aircraft Corporation had acquired the rights for the 7-series Champions from Aeronca in
                                     1954.   By 1970 the brand had been purchased by a revamped Bellanca Aircraft Corporation.
                                     However, VH-PZA, having been new in 1967, would have been a Champion built product. It, along
                                     with VH-PZB was imported by Bill Riley calling himself Riley Aviation of Colac, Victoria.  Both air-
                                     craft were assembled at Ballarat in September of 1967.   VH-PZA is seen in the shot above by Geoff
                                     Goodall at an air show at Mangalore in January 1968.    Riley was also a gliding enthusiast (originally
                                     based at Tocumwal) and became the Australian agent for Blanik gliders.   -PZA was used as a tug for
                                     one of them at the air show.