VH-PUR  Victa Airtourer 100                                 (c/n  138)


                                 This entry should probably be more correctly headed "Edge Airtourer 160    c/n  1"  since this is
                                 the machine which Edge Aviation in Gippsland modified to incorporate a 160 h.p. Lycoming, and
                                 with a view to producing again.   Rights for such production were acquired from AESL in New
                                 Zealand when that outfit quit making this little two-seat trainer. However, since thirty years have
                                 gone by since the last Airtourer was built, it is probably unlikely that a production line in this day
                                 and age would be a viable business proposition, attractive though this little machine is.  At the very                    
                                 least, some cockpit modification (to "glass" configuration or otherwise) would have to be made.
                                VH-PUR was built in 1965 as VH-DDY.  Phil Vabre's nice shot of it above was taken at Avalon
                                 Geelong, Victoria) in March of 2005.