VH-PUL  Auster J/2 Arrow (Mod)                  (c/n  2384)


                                     Built in 1950 as an Auster Arrow, this machine was originally exported to Australia in 1951
                                     as VH-KAY.    In 1958 it was purchased by the Royal Queensland Aero Club and became
                                     VH-RQL.  It became VH-PUL in 1963.  At some point in time it was re-engined (like VH-PUK)
                                     with a 108 hp Lycoming 0-235-C.1 and is shown above in that configuration.  This photograph
                                     is from a slide originally by Mike Madden via Tony Arbon and is from the Ian O'Neill collection.
                                     The shot below, taken by Bob Livingstone (via Geoff Goodall) somewhat earlier at Archerfield
                                     in August 1966 shows it trying to look like a Piper .  If one is going to do that, why not make it
                                     look like a Taylorcraft, which, after all, is what it was?   This machine is still current and has, I
                                     understand, been re-engined again with a Continental C-75.     Correspondent Ross Stenhouse
                                     saw it looking even more Piper-like at the 2013 Watts Bridge Fly-In (foot of page).