VH-PUI   de Havilland D.H.82A Tiger Moth                  (c/n  DHA1084)


                                          This was the former Darling Downs Aero Club's VH-DDQ and A17-753 before that.  It was first
                                          civilianized in June 1957.    In June 1965 it was sold by the club to D. R. Walters (possibly a club
                                          member?) t/a Toowoomba Brake and Clutch Repair.     At that time the club applied to DCA to
                                          have the Tiger re-registered to free up their DD block and Queensland Region at the time had been
                                          assigned the VH-PU block and hence it became -PUI.   Greg Banfield's photo above was taken
                                          at an air show at Camden, NSW in October of 1978 where virtually all of the Tigers present
                                          had 'Pacific Film' advertisements scotch taped to their fuselages.  It is still current and gives joy
                                          rides from Bathurst, NSW airport regularly, where Ian McDonell saw it in action (below) in July