VH-PSG  Aero Commander 680                        (c/n  422-96)


                                     This was the former VH-SMG (and VH-SMA before that), sold by the Snowy Mountains Hydro-
                                     Electric Authority to Chartair Aviation of Adelaide in November 1967.   Chartair were later taken
                                     over by SA and Territory Air Services in whose livery the Commander is seen above in this photo
                                     by Geoff Goodall, taken at Adelaide in February 1969.   The shot of it below, from the Margaret
                                     Picard collection, was taken somelater in 1975 after SAATAS' owner Dick Cavill also became the
                                     Caterpillar Tractor dealer in South Australia, as evidenced by the Caterpillar logo on the fuselage
                                     side.   In the 1970s it was owned by Air Oasis, and then went to a succession of owners before
                                     being retired  to the South Australian Aviation Museum at Adelaide Airport in February 1990.
                                     This museum has now relocated to a new location at Port Adelaide, where -PSG
                                     is presently restored, (or still being restored?).