VH-PRW  Auster Mk. III                                         (c/n  660)


                                        Built in 1943 as Taylorcraft Auster AOP Mk.III NJ828 for the RAF, this Auster served with
                                        653 Sqn in the latter stages of WW II.  At the end of hostilities it was boxed up and shipped to
                                        the RAAF, where it became A11-51.     In point of fact it was never used by the RAAF and
                                        lay dormant until disposed of in 1959 when it was civilianized as VH-PRW for Proctors Rural
                                        Services of Alexandra Victoria.  The shot above was taken by John Hopton at that home base
                                        in March 1961.  VH-PRW was severely damaged by a wind storm at Alice Springs, NT on 1st
                                        October 1966 and struck off the register. in 1969.   Thirty years later (in 2001) it re-emerged
                                        as a rebuild and is now currently flying as VH-MRR.