VH-PRC  Cessna 310H                                    (c/n  310H-0043)


                                      VH-PRC is seen above at Jandakot in July 1971 while owned by Hawker deHavilland Australia and
                                      painted in a red and white scheme.   This was the second Cessna 310 to use this registration with the
                                      Peel River Land and Mineral Co of Goonoo Goonoo near Tamworth NSW.  The first was a straight-
                                      tail base model 310 purchased in 1960, which was re-registered VH-AER when traded-in in March
                                      1963 on this 310H, ex N1043Q.    Below it is seen in the by then standard yellow and white scheme
                                      adopted by Airfast Charter of Sydney.    Airfast had purchased it from Hawker deHavilland in Nov
                                      1971.  Both photos from Geoff Goodall.