VH-PPS  Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee C                                 (c/n  25-4269)


Neither of these shots shows the fuselage rego. The under port wing ID can be seen, however on
                                  both Danny Tanner's photo above at Benalla in March 1989 and  John Wheatley's dusk shot below                                  
                                  at Narrabri in the late 1960s.  The aircraft was owned at the time by Narrabri Air Taxis who did
                                  ag work as well as air charter   Well over 6,000 Pawnees and PA-36 Pawnee Braves were built.
                                  In 1998 The New Piper Company sold the manufacturing rights for the PA-25 to Latino Americana
                                  de Aviacion, S.A. (LAVIASA) in Argentina, who have produced it in limited numbers under the
                                  model PA-23-235 Puelche.     A more powerful 25-235-260 is also available.    VH-PPS was
                                  written off in a crash near Benalla in August 1993.