VH-PPK  Piper PA-32-300  Cherokee Six                       (c/n  32-40118)


                                               When the PA-28 had a 30 inch stretch added to the rear fuslarge allowing for six seats, Piper
                                               gave it a new type number .  The prototype, N9999W first flew in December 1963.      The
                                               example above, new when seen in this photo from the Geoff Goodall collection, was at Adelaide
                                               Airport in September 1967 on a medivac flight from Whyalla SA.       It had been  registered as
                                               a new machine to Whyalla Ambulance in May of that year.      It later went on to a variety of
                                               owners, and is still currently registered as seen in the shot below from Ian McDonell taken at
                                               Bathurst, NSW in June 2009 outside a very red hangar.