VH-PPF  Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six                          (c/n  32-40026)


                                      This Cherokee was first registered in November 1967.   On 22 October 1985 the aircraft was
                                      being flown from Melrose, SA to Mildura on a flight to Wagga.  The pilot had stopped at Melrose
                                      overnight to pick up a friend before continuing to Mildura and Wagga where they were to attend
                                      an agricultural seminar.    Although the weather was poor the pilot filed a VFR flight plan.     The
                                      Cherokee struck the ground between two areas of on rising terrain some 33 km west of Peter-
                                      borough,  SA, killing both occupants.   Danny Tanner's shot of the wreckage is seen above at
                                      Parafield shortly after the crash.