VH-PNL  Piper PA-31-310 Navajo                               (c/n  31-97)


                                      The second of two Navajos delivered to Papuan Airlines (Patair), VH-PNL arrived in February
                                      1968 and was named “Mount Guba”.       It was withdrawn from use in November 1970. After
                                      operating a few flights for Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea, which had bought Patair, the
                                      Navajo was sold to Convere, of Adelaide in June 1971    .  It was with Convere  when David
                                      Carter photographed it at Griffith in 1978.     –PNL passed through several hands before ending
                                      up in North Queensland.       It belly landed at Cape Flattery on March 4, 1987 then ran off the
                                      side of the runway while trying to take off from Watson River on March 12, 1997.   It was written
                                      off after the second accident.