VH-PMA  (2)  Auster J/1N Alpha                                     (c/n  3355)


                                   First registered in 1956 as VH-SAF, the J/1N was normally known as the Aiglet II in Australia.
                                   As VH-SAF it crashed at Longreach on 12 February 1960 and was immobile for some seven
                                   years.  In 1967 it re-emerged at VH-PMA, a Port Macquirie Flying Club sequence, although
                                   whether it was ever actually used by that club I am not sure.   It was finally withdrawn from use
                                   in 1981.        Mike Vincent's photo above (via Geoff Goodall) was taken at Camden, NSW in
                                   October 1975, whilst the color shot below by Greg Banfield was at the same locale in March