VH-PLK    Cessna U206E Skywagon                            (c/n  U20601512)

                                    David Carter’s photo of VH-PLK shows it at Bankstown several months before it came on to the
                                    register in December that year   . It had been N9912M before being dismantled, crated and shipped
                                    to Australia.   The initial registered owner was Rex Aviation. –PLK soon found itself in Papua New
                                    Guinea and was with the Lutheran Mission at Goroka when it was transferred to the PNG register
                                    as P2-PLK in May 1974.         In August 1979 it was reregistered P2-MFL with the Missionary
                                    Aviation Fellowship     . It was still with MAF on January 10, 1996 when it suffered a serious
                                    accident at Suki, in the PNG Western Province   It is not known if it recovered from that accident
                                  . and the Skywagon was formally was withdrawn from use February 2003.