VH-PJE  Cessna 180 Skywagon                  (c/n  31130)


                                        VH-PJE wa previously N3632C, and brought to Australia by an American family moving to Bunbury
                                        in the south of WA.          The 180 was assembled at Jandakot by the WA Cessna dealers Simpson
                                        Aviation in September 1967 and added to the register that month as VH-PJE owned by John John
                                        Evdokimoff and John John Evdokimoff Junior.  It was later sold in South Australia in 1973 and is still
                                        current.  Geoff Goodall's photo above was taken at Bunbury in October 1969, whilst below is a
                                        contemporary shot of it (providence lost, I'm afraid on this latter image).