VH-PFF  Piper PA-25 Pawnee 235                              (c/n  25-2093)


                                        Two views, taken over a decade apart, of VH-PFF by Geoff Goodall.  Above it is seen at
                                        Jandakot in December of 1969, home base of Rural Aviation, whilst below it was at Toodyay,
                                        WA in January of 1983 on the farm airstrip of Rob Poynton's crop-spraying company Aero
                                        Yandee.  .Not sure I am too enamored of the paint job in the lower photo.   Anyway, Geoff
                                        advises that the hangar behind housed a camouflaged Iraqi Hawker Fury and an ex RNZAF
                                        Harvard, both long-term restoration projects.  VH-PFF  was withdrawn from the register in
                                        October of 1990.