VH-PAO  Piper PA-24-250 Comanche                    (c/n  24-2298)


                                   Here are three views of the same Comanche.  Above, from the Ian Mackenzie collection shows
                                   the aircraft in its original Piper livery at Bankstown in the 1960s when operated by a breeder of
                                   Santa Gertrudis cattle.    See enlargement of the tail, below.     Do the long range wing tip tanks
                                   indicate it was flown over from Lock Haven on delivery?   Originally imported in August 1962 for
                                   the Royal Newcastle Aero Club, ex N7133P, the aircraft had a series of owners in NSW before
                                   going west to WA.   Following the close up images is a photo by Geoff Goodsall at Busselton, WA
                                   in April 1970, only a month after its purchase by local owner Neville Hyder, whose  farm included
                                   the WW2 Busselton RAAF airfield, complete with blast-proof hangar.  The photo at the foot of
                                   the page was taken by Mike Madden in 1971.  VH-PAO is still current, and still in WA.