VH-NWR  Beech A36 Bonanza 36                     (c/n  E-215)


                                    By far the most numerous of the straight tailed Bonanzas was the A36 with some 3,400 examples
                                    having been produced.          This one was first registered in May of 1970 as VH-SQN to Logan
                                    Downs Pty Ltd of Dalby, a pastoral company long associated with aircraft ownership, going back
                                    to the Beech Staggerwing VH-ACU in 1939.     Anyway, -SQN had several other owners before
                                    being acquired by a Perth investment company and re-registered VH-NWR.    Ian McDonell saw
                                    it looking absolutely pristine at Redcliffe, Queensland in September 2013, up visiting from Victoria
                                    where it is now corporately owned.